64bit Problems: IIS 7 with Coldfusion 9 on Win 2008

Today we had to install 64bit CF9 on Windows Server 2008 64bit running IIS 7.

Even though the installation ran just fine, IIS was not configured with the correct ISAPI mappings to server CFM files. In fact it looks like it was not configured at all!

I then decided to run the C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\bin\wsconfig.exe tool that ships with CF9 thinking that would do the trick. It didn’t work, first giving an error that it was:

Enabling IIS7 optional packages.... it will take 2 to 5 minutes...

Then when I tried to add the config again it told me:

Error creating IIS application extentions * from web site All(0)

The solution is to add the mappings yourself. However, the wsconfig tool did do an important step: It added the following dir:


You’ll need that later.

Going from a web server (32 bit) on which CF9 did install correctly I added the following to IIS7 at the server (not site!) level:

ISAPI and CGI Restrictions

  • C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\lib\wsconfig\1\jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll (Description: Macromedia Server Extensions)
  • C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\lib\wsconfig\jrun_iis6.dll (Description: Macromedia Server Extensions)

Handler Mappings (add these a Script Maps!)

  • *.cfm to C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\lib\wsconfig\jrun_iis6.dll – CF Mapping CFM
  • *.cfml to C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\lib\wsconfig\jrun_iis6.dll – CF Mapping CFML
  • *.cfc to C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\lib\wsconfig\jrun_iis6.dll – CF Mapping CFC
  • * to C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\lib\wsconfig\1\jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll – CF Mapping Wildcard [note: this was added by wsconfig previously!]

Restart IIS and you should be able to serve your ColdFusion pages again.

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10 Responses to 64bit Problems: IIS 7 with Coldfusion 9 on Win 2008

  1. I followed your very well-written advice. I thought it was going to work, but instead I just got a different error from IIS:

    HTTP Error 404.17 – Not Found
    The requested content appears to be script and will not be served by the static file handler.

    Any suggestions?

    • ciaranarcher says:

      Are you trying to load a full URL with a .cfm extension? If not you may need to add .cfm to your list of default documents.
      Thats all I can think of right now unless you can provide some more info. Hope that helps!

  2. jed says:

    Could this be the “install IIS 6 Management Compatibility”? I believe you need that in order for wsconfig to update IIS settings…

    • Dutch Rapley says:

      IIS 6 Management Compatibility was required before CF 9 Update 1 was released. If you install Update 1, you no longer need IIS 6 Management Compatibility. Granted, Ciarán’s original post was before Update 1 was released and I’m pretty sure turning on IIS 6 Management Compatibility may have helped in that case.

    • Spot on Jed – I just installed every element of the management compatibility, re-ran the wsconfig and it worked perfectly!! Many thanks for that

  3. ciaranarcher says:

    Yep, I’m installing CF 9 onto a new 64bit machine, and the II6 Management Compatibility needs to be on – then it works great.

  4. mitran says:

    ciaranarcher approach worked for me. Installed CF 9 (64bit) on Vista (64bit) Home Premium. After running into all sorts of HTTP errors I’ve installed IIS6 Management compatibility (Google it…) and then ran Coldfusion’s 9 Web server configuration tool (Start -> Adobe -> …) Restarted the services and all was OK!

  5. m@Robertson says:

    IIS6 compatibility was my magic bullet as well. This is a brand-new fresh-build win2k8 64-bit server. My copy of CF9 – an upgrade edition – arrived today *direct from Adobe*. First install had the exact problem described above. A little googling and came upon this. Installed IIS6 compatibility and poof… worked like a charm. No need for manual entries; just ran the installer and it worked. Thx folks.

  6. Hi Guys,

    The problem could be that your Application Pool that is part of your default website is possible set to allow and run 32 bit applications. You must possibly set the Enable32bit to false in the defaultapppool of your IIS server, restart the app pool and you www service itself and then try to use the ColdFusion connector to add the IIS mapping and it would work even without the cf 9 updater 1 being installed on the server.

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