Python – nice feature #1

I’ve been playing around with the official Python tutorial. I have to admit I like what I see so far. Python appears to have some very nice language features. The first really interesting one is the way you can specify an else statement for a for loop, for example:

# Create a list
a = ['cat', 'dog', 'mouse']

# Create a search string
search_str = "fish"

# Loop over the list
for x in a:
  if x == search_str:
    print "found ", search_str
    # Break to leave the loop
  # Following executed if break is not called and loop finishes
  print "not found"

This is great – how many times do you just want to check if something exists in a list? In other languages I’ve used such as Java and ColdFusion, you need to do a whole flag/boolean setting exercise to find out if you came across the object in the loop.

This is much neater.

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