Choosing Padrino

We’re writing a RESTful API for our platform – like just about everyone else.

We needed a thin framework layer between the web and our service classes. We craved some organisation. We wanted to learn from the Ruby community how to do this best.

We went to Rails first, but we felt there was too much there we just wouldn’t use – yet.

So we went to Sinatra and we found that was much better, but we had to do almost everything from scratch, from mounting sub-apps to deciding where things (apps/models/views) should live. We needed at least some convention, and not so much configuration.

So we’ve settled on Padrino.

It occupies that happy middle ground in the Ruby framework ecosystem. The space between the 300 pound gorilla and the Zen Buddhist monk; enough to get your started, but not get in your way, and it exposes some lovely Rack middleware elegance.

A good start so far, but you’ll hear about any bumps on the road, don’t worry.

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