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Unit Testing and TDD – A Practical Experience

These days you’ll often here people talking about TDD (Test Driven Development) and you’ll hear about extensive use of unit testing. There are lots of tools to help implement unit testing and TDD for different languages. Ruby has Test::Unit built … Continue reading

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Setup SQL Explorer on Eclipse Helios using Microsoft SQL Server Drivers

If you wish to install SQL Explorer for Eclipse you can use their Eclipse update site at http://eclipsesql.sourceforge.net/ to get the latest version. Next you’ll need to install the drivers to allow SQL Explorer talk to SQL server as they … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ColdFusion Builder

Adobe ColdFusion Builder, the Eclipse based IDE for ColdFusion has just had it’s first update released. I was very interested in this as I love the idea of a dedicated ColdFusion IDE but my experience of the CFBuilder betas had … Continue reading

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